We’re Growing!

At Little Blue Door, we have been busy working along side our team of designers and specialists to create a new a nursery for our Little Blue Door family.

We believe we have created something special and are delighted to be expanding our Little Blue Door community with our nursery site under construction in Westhampnett.


Over recent months we have been working in collaboration with Open Design Studio to design a brand-new nursery space, centred around wellness and proven theories on child development.


We’ll keep the images below up to date as we progress, so please come back to check-in periodically as we move towards opening in Spring 2023.

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We know you might have a few questions, so we’ve summarised our frequently asked questions below.
Which Team members will be moving across to Westhampnett from Chichester?

We are currently over-recruiting at Little Blue Door Chichester to ensure that all our newly recruited team for Westhampnett will have received thorough training prior to opening. We will be opening opportunities for all of our existing team and we will communicate our plans in more detail as we get closer to opening.

Will you be doing trips and outings?

Our day trips and outings further afield are an important aspect of life at Little Blue Door and our intention will be to ensure this remains the case for Little Blue Door Westhampnett.

Who will be managing Little Blue Door Westhampnett?

We have yet to finalise the management team for Little Blue Door Westhampnett as this all forms part of our wider recruitment campaign. As we start to finalise our plans, we will be sure to communicate the details of the full senior management team.

Will Forest School sessions take place for children at Little Blue Door Westhampnett?

It is our intention to replicate our Forest School Programme f or Little Blue Door Westhampnett. However, this may follow shortly after the new opening, once the team and children are all settled.

Will your fees be the same as at Little Blue Door Chichester?

Yes, our fees will be the same across both nurseries.

Will opening times and sessions be the same as Little Blue Door Chichester?

Yes, that is the plan. Little Blue Door Westhampnett will be open Monday to Friday 07.30-18.00 with School Day sessions 08.00-16.00 and Full Day sessions 08.00-18.00. Early drop- off will still be available from 07.30.

How many children will there be in each room?

This will be confirmed as part of our OFSTED sign off and we will confirm this in due course.

Will the children have access to the outdoors?

Outdoor play and learning are a core part of life at Little Blue Door and this will remain the case at Little Blue Door Westhampnett.

What is the registration process and are there any registration fees?

To register we would carry out an initial viewing at Little Blue Door Chichester (or Westhampnett, as the build nears completion and becomes safe to do so). We would then ask you to complete a registration form and pay a fee of £150 to secure your place.

What food will be provided?

We see a balanced and varied diet for our children to be key to their development and enjoyment of nursery life. We will share our menu each month once we are open; you can see a sample of our menu by visiting our website.

Will there be parking available?

Yes, there is parking available.

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